LITTLE ROOZ: 2 – 3½ Years – Saturday

RuggeRooz Little Rooz

2 – 3½ Years, 9:00am – 9.30am, Saturday

Venue: Richard Hale School, Hale Road, Hertford, SG13 8EN

Age groups are flexible depending upon your child’s age and physical capability.


The Little Rooz Development Programme concentrate on developing a child’s basic motor skills (Agility, Balance, Coordination) through fun and exciting running, jumping throwing and catching games.


Life skills such as listening, sharing and teamwork are introduced during the program and this starts with parental assistance. Play and games are at the heart of everything we do to ensure your child gets the most from this experience.


Our games and activities disguise the learning aspect so the children just think they are playing. The more children enjoy the games, the more they participate. This enjoyment leads to greater confidence , which in turn leads to self initiated participation and independent play.


Little Rooz teaches the FUNdamentals of rugby in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. The ‘winning try’ is for each child to love their class and further develop their skills. This passion builds enough confidence for every child to participate independently.