What are your term dates?

Saturday 22nd April – Saturday 22nd July (7 weeks)
(No classes 3rd June)


Sunday 23rd April – Sunday 23rd July (7 weeks)
(No classes 4th June)
Once you have had your free trial you pay for the remaining weeks of that term.


How much do the classes cost?
The classes are £7.00 each and payable for the remainder of the term after your free trial.
There is also a Membership Fee of £35 (includes RuggerRooz full playing kit, bag and compulsory insurance cover).


Can I come along for a free trial session?
At RuggerRooz we understand that some children may find group experiences, so come along for a trial session to make sure your child is comfortable with the environment before committing to a terms fees. You can book a ‘free trial’ via the membership page, alternatively you can contact info@ruggerrooz.co.uk if you have any further questions.


How do I enrol after my free trial?

Please visit www.ruggerrooz.co.uk and fill in the enrolment form found in membership. This can be emailed to info@ruggerrooz.co.uk as an attached file and we will add your child to the register ready for the following class. Alternatively you can post to the address as listed below (if sent via post please email to ensure your child’s name is registered for the forthcoming class).

The total amount payable will be £35 Membership (including a RuggerRooz playing kit for your son/daughter) and the remaining weeks of that term.


Payment details are:
• Cash in Class
• Cheque in Class 
• Bacs: Natwest, Sort Code: 602232, Account Number: 71132139


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate at info@ruggerrooz.co.uk
We look forward to seeing you back!


How long does each session last?
Little Rooz (age 2-3½ years) 09.00am – 09.30am
Skippyz (age 3.5-5 years) 09.40am – 10.20am
Joeyz (age 5-7 years) 10.30am – 11.10am

Little Rooz (age 2-3½ years) 08.50am – 09.20am
Skippyz (age 3½ -5 years) 09.30am – 10.10am
Joeyz (age 5-7 years) 10.20am – 11.00am
Skippyz (age 3½ -5 years) 11.05am – 11.45am


We are based at Richard Hale School, Hale Road, Hertford, SG13 8EN.


How are the payments calculated?
Your fee is based on £7.00 per session. Please note the fees are payable termly or half termly in advance, NOT WEEKLY. Please contact info@ruggerrooz.co.uk if you have any queries regarding termly or half termly dates.

Please note you only pay for the remaining classes for that term


What if my child is making great progress and would like to move up to the next age group?
We understand the physical, social and intellectual development will vary in each child. At RuggerRooz we promote the love of learning and child’s intellectual curiosity through stimulating and differentiated tasks specific to that age group. Should you feel that your child would benefit by progressing to the next age group, please speak with your RuggerRooz Lead Coach, who will be happy to discuss this with you, alternatively email info@ruggerrooz.co.uk.


Are your coaches trained?
All of our Coaches are thoroughly trained and vetted. They all undergo our in house RuggerRooz ‘Train the Trainer’ programme along with child protection. Furthermore all coaches are appraised and assessed on a regular basis to ensure the high standards and expectations of a RuggerRooz coach are met. All coaches are RFU certified, DBS checked with all Lead Coaches holding a First Aid Qualification.


Do you hold the relevant insurance for the classes?
All RuggerRooz classes hold the relevant Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000. Your child’s wellbeing and safety is of paramount importance with stringent risk assessments in place and regularly updated at all RuggerRooz venues.


How many children do you have in each class?
Our classes are restricted to a maximum of 12 participants for the Little Rooz classes and 14 participants for the Skippyz and Joeyz classes.


Rugby is a physical game; surely it is dangerous for young children?
RuggerRooz an innovative and exciting non contact/tag rugby programme that has been designed to enhance your child’s age specific core motor skills such as passing, catching, kicking, running, space awareness and balance with support to your child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Development. Furthermore, we not only coach rugby, we teach many of the gross and fine motor skills many other sports don’t.


Do parents participate during a class?
Yes. For the Little Rooz class it is crucial and a great opportunity for some parent/toddler bonding. Above this age parents are actively encourage to be involved providing sideline encouragement and praise for their children though. Our core values are based around family fun, so we ask that parents stay with their children during the class, for you to be part of and witness the fun, excitement and smiles on faces experienced at RuggerRooz. As some games involve parent/child participation, parents are encourages to wear suitable clothing for running around with their children.


Do I need to bring anything else with me?
As the classes involve lots of running around, it is advisable to bring a drink with you for light refreshment during a session and a snack for after the session to refuel their bodies


What should they wear?
For their free trial they should wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing. Once you have enrolled, they can wear their RuggerRooz kit and we would like them to wear this to all sessions. However if you classes commence before your kit has been received then your child should wear what they feel comfortable in. Please ensure their footwear is suitable eg trainers and no opened toe shoes. We don’t recommend children wear studded rugby boots at this age due to the safety of all children.  Also bring along some warm clothing


What is the ratio of boys to girls?
Between the ages 2/4 it is fairly even. As the children get older there tend to be more boys than girls.


How serious is the coaching provision?
RuggerRooz will provide FUN and excitement delivered in a structured manner. We implement Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) into our programme to include colour recognition, counting and taking turns. We will continue to offer your child a positive experience with a gentle introduction to rugby specific skills through fun games, challenges and skill based activities. As the age groups progress we spend more time on tag rugby games and skills.


Who can attend RuggerRooz classes?
RuggerRooz is open to ALL children, between the ages of 2-7 years old.