SKIPPYZ: 3½ –...


SKIPPYZ: 3½ – 5 Years – Saturday

Leo skippyz

3½ – 5 Years, 9.35am – 10.15am, Saturday

Venue: Richard Hale School, Hale Road, Hertford, SG13 8EN

The Skippyz Development programme ensure the tasks become more challenging to further develop each child’s co-ordination, body awareness and controlled movements as well as enhancing technical rugby skill development to reinforce the RuggerRooz coaching philosophy that each child should ‘learn to play’ and ‘play to learn’.


The Skippyz Development class take part without parents/carers being physically involved but are required to watch. This will encourage independent play from each child thus reinforcing the values to listen and remember raising self esteem in preparation for school and other key life skills.


The Skippyz Development Programme introduce more rugby based skills, catching, passing, scoring a try, kicking at targets and side stepping, encouraged and supported through fun play sessions. In addition, each child will benefit from increased stamina, confidence and self esteem, vital for an active healthy lifestyle.


The Skippyz Programme teaches the FUNdamentals of rugby in an exciting learning environment through a series of fun games and activities. The ‘winning try’ is for each child to love their class and further develop their skills. This passion builds enough confidence for every child to participate independently.